Conservative and Pro-Marijuana

I’m a conservative in basically every sense of the word. If you talk to anyone who knows me, they will tell you that I’m politically and fiscally conservative. They will probably also say that I’m a little bit of a prude when it comes to certain things. One thing that totally shocked my friends and family was when I started to campaign for the legalization of marijuana. No one could believe it, but making marijuana legal is one thing that I feel very strongly about. Not only do I think that it should be easily accessible to those who need it for medical purposes, but I also think that the legalization of marijuana would help to end the opioid crisis that our country is currently enduring. I fully believe that doctors should be able to recommend medical cannabis and cannabinoids for a wide range of medical conditions. Marijuana has been proven time and again to be a valid treatment for so many ailments and diseases. Opioid abuse, chronic pain, and certain diseases are easily treatable with cannabis, and cannabis is an all natural substance. I have come down on the completely opposite side of most of my conservative friends on this particular issue. Honestly, I’m trying to change people’s minds and convert them to my way of thinking about marijuana, especially when it comes to medical cannabis and medical marijuana edibles. I’ve seen firsthand how well it works to combat epilepsy, autistic complications, and PTSD. I will never go back to the other side of the fence on this particular subject; I just hope others will start to see the benefits that marijuana can offer to us as a society.


Effects of regular marijuana

I’ve always had the moral compass of a boy scout. I hardly ever got into any trouble when I was a teenager, I never drank or partied in school, and I never even thought about smoking cigarettes or weed. Most of my friends were doing it every weekend, but I couldn’t do it. I don’t know why I never tried it, either. I just didn’t see those things as being necessary in order to have a wonderful time. Recently though, my brother’s resorted to using medical marijuana in order to help manage back pain. He had to have back surgery last year, and routine painkillers just weren’t doing anything for him. He also had bad side effects resulting from all of the chemicals in the prescription drugs. Initially, I was totally opposed to him using marijuana for any reason at all – even if it was medicinal. He had explained to myself and others in the family that medical marijuana is free of the chemicals that cause people to get high. As a result, the marijuana only helps to relieve pain. It doesn’t push him into drug-induced hazes or body trips or anything like that. I think once I got that through my head, I began to see the medical grade marijuana in a different, considerably more positive light. It makes sense how something natural would be better for you than man-made chemicals in a lab, right? Seeing the difference that it makes in my brother’s pain has made a believer out of me. Still, I don’t see myself ever doing it, but I also don’t have back pain like him.

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Edibles for me

My husband works in the emergency room in a small town, which feels more like a sitcom than a job to him. He sees a lot of ridiculous stuff every day, but he always has a great story to share because of it. He told me about the other day, when a barely conscious woman was brought into the ER. She showed symptoms of having came out of a seizure, and was very lethargic with little response to anything anyone said to her. Her husband was the one that brought her, and he said that she has been like this for over an hour. My husband asked him the usual medical questions, and the husband eventually fessed up, saying that he and his wife tried “edibles”. Apparently, they made them a little too strong, and the husband didn’t eat his until an hour after his wife ate one. As a result, the husband said he was starting to feel funny himself, and my own husband watched as the man grew increasingly more stoned by the minute. As his wife was practically comatose in the wheelchair the nurses placed her in, the husband slowly sat on the ground, and actually fell asleep sitting down next to her. My husband said he couldn’t help but smile and laugh, as he watched a couple try to reconnect to their wild, younger selves, only to embarrass themselves at the hospital. My husband talked about how frustrating it still was to see this couple at the hospital, as it’s people like that who make people think medical marijuana is just a legal way to do foolish stuff like this.

Type of medical strain

I’ve constantly been a paranoid kind of person regarding my skin health. As a child and a teenager, I constantly covered up when I was out in the sun. I’ve been petrified of skin cancer for most of my life, and I’m sure it stems from my uncle who had cancerous tumors removed from his leg when I was around four years old. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what did it! The pain he had to deal with was pretty severe from what I could tell, and I never wanted to have to go through that if I could help it. If you’re genetically predisposed to something skin cancer, it doesn’t matter how cautious you are in the sun. It seems you’re just bound to get it because it’s in the deck life dealt you. At least, that’s how I feel ever since last year, when I was diagnosed with a type of skin cancer. Thank goodness it wasn’t extensive, but it still had to be treated. Because of the diagnosis, I looked up all kinds of alternative treatments, and that’s when I stumbled upon medicinal cannabis. As it’s been found to help with treating and even preventing cancer and reducing tumor size, the positive effects of marijuana are widespread and just awe-inspiring. Studying the positive changes medical marijuana can cause in cancer patients urged me into talking to my physician about trying it. So far, it’s helped to reduce the size of the tumors in my body. I am a massive proponent of medical marijuana now, as you might have guessed! If you ever develop any kind of skin cancer, I highly recommend trying medicinal marijuana as an alternative. Using it has truly made me so much more comfortable and life much more tolerable.  

Weed reduces my stress

Last year was a nightmare for me. I’d been dealing with some bad anxiety attacks brought on by various stressors, all of which happened in the same month. I was laid off from my job, my lease ended without renewal for my apartment, and worst of all, my wife told me she wanted a divorce after realizing marriage wasn’t for her. My life had become some sick imitation of every dreary country song you’ve ever heard! I talked to my doctor about the anxiety attacks, which were so bad that I couldn’t even bear the idea of getting out of bed some days. He said that he could prescribe some conventional medications for me, but he was also a rare kind of doctor that believed in the more natural remedies. That’s when my doctor told me how several other patients of his are using medical marijuana to manage their stress levels. Apparently the chemicals in cannabis, which are called cannabinoids, help to regulate the concerned system. Cannabinoids also help to relax your mind by causing the brain to release pleasure hormones. I’d never used marijuana at all before this point, but I knew I’d be willing to give it a shot if it meant reclaiming my life. The doctor reassured me that the medical variant of marijuana has no side effects that make you high. I was happy to hear that, because I wasn’t crazy about the idea of developing a drug habit. After using it for three months, I can genuinely say that the medicinal marijuana was the greatest treatment for my anxiety of anything out there! I felt more at ease with each day of taking it, and more willing to get back on the horse, so to speak.

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Tremors and cannabinoids

John is a career musician. He’s very proficient at playing the piano and drums, and he’s been playing for years. For a while, he taught music theory for high school students, hoping to inspire kids to play music. As well, he used to play in the orchestra that our town’s quite proud of. Things seemed to fall apart a couple of years ago though, as John was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, which causes tremors throughout the body. While he’s constantly been a very active guy, Parkinson’s disease was a devastating, career-ending diagnosis for him to receive. Time progressed from there, as did the disease. John was running out of ways to treat the symptoms that he was experiencing, and his motivation to live with Parkinson’s was deteriorating. That was around the time I was reading studied about the applications of medical marijuana, and the way it’s being used to treat certain types of diseases. I was so excited to tell John about it, since the article mentioned how the cannabis-sourced cannabinoids can help to soothe tremors caused by Parkinson’s. The tremors had been bothering John especially now, as his entire arm would have tremors, but I knew that he would be interested in trying cannabinoids. He mentioned once to me and some friends that he’d be willing to try anything to help stop the effects of the disease. I’m anxious about him having Parkinson’s, but I’m pretty excited and eager to see what happens once he starts using the cannabinoid treatment. I hope that he finds relief from the tremors with its use, I really do. With an appointment at his physician’s office early next week, John will learn if he can use this treatment. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him!

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Medical Marijuana and PTSD

My husband spent about twelve years in the military. He enlisted right after he graduated from high school, and he loved his job. He traveled a lot and he saw all kinds of places all over the world. The military has a lot of perks and bonuses, but as most of us know, it certainly isn’t without risks. Back when my husband was stationed overseas in a volatile part of the Middle East, he saw and did a lot of things that caused him to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly known as PSTD. A lot of times he suffers from sleeplessness and nervousness. He also has lots of panic attacks and lives in a near constant state of anxiety and sometimes even fear. The medications that his VA doctor put him on haven’t been working as well lately, and so I’ve been researching other types of treatment for him. I ran across some very interesting information about medical marijuana that really peaked my interest. Even though my husband has never smoked marijuana or eaten space cakes or anything like that, he isn’t totally opposed to the idea of using marijuana for medicinal purposes. I read that the cannabinoids in marijuana – those are the chemicals that are found in the cannabis plant – have been found to help treat anxiety and fear issues in people who suffer from PTSD. I guess the chemicals in cannabinoids sooth the part of the brain that produces fear and nervousness. My husband is willing to try using cannabinoids from medical marijuana to try and combat his PTSD issues. Honestly, from everything that I’ve read, I’m fairly hopeful that the cannabinoids will make a big difference in his quality of life.    

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Cannabis plant for cancer research

My friend Cathy was diagnosed with cancer in the skin several years ago. She has endured years of chemotherapy, radiation, and relentless motion sickness. Still, Cathy is no quitter. While she’s in remission, all of the medications give her brutal nausea that she has to deal with. Prior to diagnosis, Cathy was always teased for being overweight most of her life. Now on the other side of the spectrum, Cathy has to force-feed herself, and has no appetite at all. Her weight loss has resulted in her needing to gain a few pounds to improve her health. With no real appetite increasing medication on the market, she has been looking into medical marijuana as a possible treatment for both her pain and her lessened appetite. Handfuls of articles about how cannabinoids can help improve the appetite cancer patients have left her motivated to try it. These cannabinoids that come from the Cannabis plant itself serve incredibly well when it comes to raising hunger, even in subjects with no appetite. Medical marijuana has really few side effects, which is lovely news for Cathy since most of her cancer medications have lots of bad side effects. Cannabinoids seem to be a for her! Cathy will try the medical marijuana next month, pending her physician’s approval. She’s pretty sure that anything which might increase her appetite – even if it is cannabinoids – will be okay with her doctor. I hope that medical marijuana will be the answer for poor Cathy, she needs a chance at living a normal life again!

marijuana and cancer

Cannabis on the bowls

Since I grew up in the southern section of the country, I was basically raised in what is considered the Bible Belt. People around those parts tend to frown upon the use of marijuana, or as they like to call it “Devil Lettuce”, for any reason whatsoever. I leaned to their side of the debate, mostly since that was how I was raised and told to think. Well, that’s how I used to think, until I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease last year. Symptoms can vary with the type of inflammatory bowel disease that I have, which makes it hard to pin down what form I have. My symptoms have usually included abdominal pain and cramping, which sometimes can be enough to stop me in my tracks. Even though our doctor has tried every kinds of pain medication or treatment to help with the cramping and pain, we’ve had no success with managing the symptoms. The other day I was reading up on an article focused on the positive effects of medical marijuana, and how it can be effective at helping people much like myself and others with inflammatory bowel disease, crohn’s disease, and other gastrointestinal issues. Well, the pain has worsened over the last few months, so I decided to try the medical marijuana as pain treatment with my doctor’s approval! I was afraid at first of the side effects that the marijuana would have on me. Mainly, I was anxious that the medicinal marijuana would make me feel high. I didn’t want that to happen – I still have a job that requires me to be alert. I was satisfied to experience the medical grade of marijuana though, as it doesn’t have that effect at all. The cannabinoids have been very helpful with pain management for me, and medical marijuana has had no noticeable side effects in my case. I would recommend trying cannabinoids to anyone who might be dealing with a chronic disease much like inflammatory bowel disease!


Medical Marijuana Seminar

Recently I went to a seminar to learn all about the health benefits that you can gain from cannabinoids. My cousin invited me to go to the seminar that was being held at a community college in our town. At first, I turned him down. I wasn’t really interested in learning anything about marijuana, but then my cousin told me about all of the research that’s being done with medical marijuana. He said that it’s simply amazing what kinds of things medical marijuana can do for you. For instance, I had no idea until I went to this seminar that cannabinoids can slow the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and that it can also help relieve the pain that comes from arthritis. Not only that, cannabinoids help with controlling epileptic seizures. Medical marijuana can also help with sleeplessness and insomnia. I was really shocked to learn that so many conditions can actually be improved with the use of medical marijuana and cannabinoids. I was really glad that my cousin invited me to go to this seminar at the community college, because I’ve been suffering from headaches for the past several months. It just so happened that one of the researchers who was presenting evidence for the medical use of marijuana mentioned that it can be used to treat certain kinds of headaches. After the seminar, I made an appointment with my doctor to talk about using cannabinoids to treat my recurring headaches. I’m excited to find out if medical marijuana is right for me, because I’d love to get some relief!

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