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Have you ever studied research on medical marijuana before? It is absolutely fascinating stuff. Also the National Institute of Health is currently researching more on the benefits of using pot for patients. It is not just cancer patients that see benefits. More and more health issues are being helped by marijuana, however, the scientists are studying what part of the medical marijuana plant is helping each issue. Then they are trying to target identifiable issues in diseases to see if pot can in fact help. And did you know scientists are currently studying medical marijuana’s effects on HIV and AIDS? Also, the scientists are testing certain chemicals against MS. The scientists are trying to see if they can target a chemical that helps diseases that affect our immune system; how amazing is that? Currently, there are known chemicals in medical marijuana that can help with inflammation, pain, seizures, abuse of substance issues and even mental disorders. Research has already gone pretty far, but currently what the National Institute on Drug Abuse is looking at is long term effects. Also, we want to determine if children and teens can be treated with medical marijuana. Are there going to be awful long term effects from exposing a child to medical marijuana? There is also research going on about expectant mothers using medical marijuana. Can the THC help with the mother’s nausea or will it damage the fetus? Will there be long term effects on the child or will the pot simply help with the mother’s morning sickness? It is all really amazing stuff and it is exciting research for the medical world.

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What chemicals in pot helps medical patients? I did not realize that there are particular ingredients in medical marijuana that help out particular issues, but I thought medical marijuana was just people smoking a joint in order to feel better. It is actually way more scientific than that. There is an ingredient in marijuana that is called cannabinoids, and a marijuana plant has over 100 cannabinoids in it. This ingredient is what helps patients. There are two main parts to cannabinoids. There is THC plus CBD. The THC is used more for cancer patients. What it does is reduce nausea plus it also helps your appetite. When going through chemotherapy, the THC is what is helps most of these patients. The chemo makes it impossible to keep any food down due to nausea. THC is what helps them feel better, acquire a little weight plus get some color back in their faces. The flack that THC gets is that this ingredient is what gets people high. So while we don’t all enjoy the thought of allowing a bunch of people to get high, it really does help more than harm. My opinion is that if you are going through cancer, getting high a few times is not that bad of an idea. Smoke up and have yourself a little enjoyment. CBD is not a chemical that gets you high, though. CBD can reduce pain levels, inflammation, and help stop seizures. This element has been known to help with mental illness plus it can also control addictions. Most epilepsy patients use CBD medicinally. The National Institute of Health is still currently researching on more benefits of THC and CBD for different kinds of patients.

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I was talked into this

I used to be against the people who talked about legalizing marijuana. I figured that these people just wanted to get high all the time. They just want to smoke joints in public, smell up eating establishments, and negatively influence our younger generation. I am not a smoker plus I have never smoked before. At first, I was against pot because of the recreational use; smoke enough marijuana and you have no brain cells left. You can’t talk well, remember much, or function in life. That’s what I was against. But, I recently had a buddy, Brian, who talked to me about legalizing marijuana. He believes in legalizing pot only for medical purposes. Both of us talked back and forth and Brian has actually convinced me that legalization is not a bad thing. At first, I was picturing a bunch of people smoking joints whenever they want. I even thought that medical marijuana patients smoked joints, but that’s actually not true. Most medical marijuana patients use oils or edibles in order to get the relief that they need. Also, the medical marijuana patients are not trying to get high at all. In fact, most patients are taking medical marijuana without the ingredient that causes that. You can suppress the mind altering ingredients. The patients only get what they need from the plant. In cancer patients, medical marijuana is used for stopping nausea. It also increases their appetite! With epilepsy, these people can take marijuana to help with their seizures. How could I be against that? Sure, marijuana used excessively is a bad thing, but what isn’t? I am now totally for legalization all the way.

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Epilepsy is when nerve activity in the brain is disturbed. This causes seizures to occur. I always thought that seizures were honestly dangerous & painful. If you have ever seen someone have a seizure, it does look super painful, even though the seizures are fairly harmless. It is just traumatic for the people who see one happen. There really isn’t much pain associated with having one. Sporadically seizures occur with a burst of terror, and that can be traumatic for the child undergoing a seizure, but it’s usually not painful. If the seizure goes on for a long time, some scarring or damage to the brain can occur. Childhood epilepsy is real, even though there are quite a few cases where the kids outgrow them. But what if you are nervous about your child, or if they are not outgrowing the seizures? What about adults who have to handle epilepsy? There is help available for this condition in the form of medical marijuana. There are ingredients in medical marijuana called cannabinoids. The body produces its own cannabinoids to regulate pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration, etc. The cannabinoids found in medical marijuana can help seizure patients because of what they can control. The cannabinoids can control seizures, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), and even Dravet syndrome in kids. This type of medical marijuana can be quite the miracle worker. However, it is the ingredient that gets you high. Yes, there are possible side effects to using cannabinoids. But when you have an issue like epilepsy that is traumatic to you or to others, then it is sometimes necessary to take the good with the bad.

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Medicinal marijuana

I think that the main thing that people are talking about these days is legalizing marijuana. Lots of people are up in arms about it and they say that this plant basically will become a gateway drug to using harder substances. I just don’t think so. I think that marijuana is just too useful to ignore. Also, if marijuana is just treated like alcohol is, then the younger generation will simply react accordingly. Marijuana should just be legalized and have regulations and laws attached to it! But types of medical marijuana should always be accessible in any state, age, or location. There are simply too many benefits when it comes to medical purposes. I guess that is the point I don’t understand. Our country allows alcohol to be legal when all it does is cause problems! People die from it, and it hinders your mind; cigarettes are legal and they can cause lung cancer and other health problems, too. Marijuana is not legal and there are a ton of benefits in taking it. There are chemicals in marijuana that causes problems; the cannabinoids in marijuana are what gets you high. That’s the ingredient that alters the mind. The ingredient can be bred out of the plant, and you can use the medical plant without getting any of those effects. The plant can only help if you want it to. But, cannabinoids also have health purposes too! So even the ingredient that people are uneasy about is still quite useful. Cancer, epilepsy and more health problems have shown that ingredients in marijuana are helping them. So why are we intent on restricting this miracle cure? If anything needs to be banned, it’s alcohol (or cigarettes) since they have no benefit.

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