A prescription card

It’s a little bit amusing how people who are charged with protecting the law are the same people who unknowingly break it by not knowing how to enforce it correctly! Let me attempt to explain. The other afternoon I was with a couple of friends on our way to the park to hang out for the afternoon. There is a beach and water to swim in, trails to walk on, and a host of other things to do in that place. It’s a wonderful time and we were super thrilled to be going on the adventure. Then we all noticed the flashing lights behind us; the police! My pal pulled over and the cop came up and went through the normal routine. Evidently, my pal forgot to use a turn signal. Then the cop stuck her head into the automobile and started sniffing really hard. “I can smell marijuana,” she said with a furrowed brow. My other friend in the back seat spoke up and informed the cop that it was her and it was perfectly legal because she had a prescription for medical marijuana. The cop was looking like my friend just spoke to him in Chinese. The next thing you know, we’re all outside of the automobile while it’s searched by the police K9s. My neighbor showed him the prescription and a card she carried that indicated she was perfectly legal to have medical marijuana, but the cop just didn’t seem to get it! Finally, her sergeant happened to be driving by and pulled up to see what was going on. After explaining the situation to him, she ordered the drug K9 away and let us go free. I sincerely hope she made the other cop learn the law a bit more closely.

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The skyrise

I have been residing on the outskirts of the city since I moved here about a decade ago & it’s finally time for a change. I just landed a new task on the camera crew for a new series being shot for HBO & it comes with quite a bit of money. I made the decision to treat myself a little & got a nice place in one of the high rises downtown. It’s a bit on the pricey side & I could save a lot more money by not living there, however you only live once & I’ve always desired a place with a great view. I’ve been in the building for just a couple weeks & it is so bizarre living downtown than on the outskirts. The nightlife is totally wild, & then there are the shops & diners to check out as well. Overall, I think I made the right decision by coming down here, & hopefully will be able to parley this camera gig into an even better one further down the road. One incredibly interesting thing about the building I live in is the overwhelming smell. The whole building smells strongly of medical marijuana! There are some people smoking who use the cannabis for medical purposes, but I bet most folks are just sparking for the recreational side of it. It’s all good with me though. I honestly prefer the smell of marijuana & have no concern with someone who smokes it medically or recreationally. This is LA after all, & there are easily far worse things here than someone who enjoys hitting the medicinal ganja here & there.

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A medical decisions

Not too long ago I received a call from a good old buddy I hadn’t talked to in a few years. At first, I was legitimately thrilled. We hadn’t talked for such a long while, as well we had been close since school. However, my pleasure faded quickly when she told me the reason for her call. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The medical professionals weren’t sure about her chances of survival as well as she was beginning chemo as well as radiation treatments that week… I heard all I had to as well as quickly went online to buy a plane ticket. I arrived in her area many weeks later as well as I could tell she was feeling a tad bit off. She looked seriously pale as well as didn’t have the normal drive she once had. Also, her whole place smelled strongly of marijuana. Both recreational as well as medical marijuana are legal in CA, so it wasn’t all that shocking. Of course, coming from the Midwest where not even medical cannabis is legal, it was an experience to grow used to. The medical sativa my dear friend was smoking was helping with her appetite, which in turn helped a lot to keep up her strength. That is crucially important when getting radiation as well as chemo. That stuff will wipe out everything good as well as terrible inside your body. That was quite a few weeks back as well as I’m still here with her to help her get through this. I toil remotely so it seriously is nothing for me to be in another state for a phase of time. I am going to stay with her for as long as she needs me. I might even smoke a little medical marijuana myself along the way.

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This is a tradeoff

I lived in the city for a majority of my life until just recently. My aunt, who would visit whenever she could, passed away and left me the deed to her farm. It’s way out in the midst of nowhere and at first, I was not sure what I was going to do with it. The farm has been in the family for a couple of generations, so I felt as though just selling it outright would be entirely wrong. Nobody in the family wished to have anything to do with it, so I was basically stuck with it. Then I went out there for a week and everything changed for me. Being in that old farm home overlooking all those acres of land actually impressed me. It had a profound effect on my entire being and I found myself not wanting to leave that place. I work remotely and brought my PC with me, so I made the decision to stay an extra week and explore… Walking through the countryside this one day I came across a section that reeked strongly of marijuana. I walked back into the woods a little ways and came across a massive cannabis farm. It was licensed to grow medical marijuana so there certainly wasn’t anything illegal going on (at least that’s what the sign on the building stated) so I had a look around and even talked to the farmer a little bit. Medical marijuana is a major business now and this girl decided to strike while the iron was hot… Good for her, as medical marijuana is making a positive difference in the lives of many people.

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This is an interesting smell

I was raised in the rural farmlands of the Midwest & by the time I graduated High School, I couldn’t get out of there quick enough. No matter what it would be the same boring routine of getting up, working on the farm, going to school, coming back to our household to labor more on the farm, homework, & then off to bed. It never seemed to change and it was surely a driving force in the height of my distaste for the farm lifestyle & country life. When I was finished with high school, I got myself accepted to a community university near a sizable town just so I could get away from my past life. I was majoring in finance but seriously wanted nothing to do with running numbers for a living, the goal was to start a new life. I ended up getting a condo downtown & was in awe of the yearly routines. One thing that struck me as bizarre at first was the marijuana stink that seemed to spread throughout our entire building. I found out later that the culprit was my old buddy John who had a prescription for medical marijuana! We had smoked cannabis back in high school every now and then, but it was regularly illegal & both of us had to hide our activities. Nowadays people like John can spark up whenever & wherever they wish with no fear of retribution. However, the reason John uses medical cannabis is due to having MS, so the tradeoff isn’t honestly worth it, but at least he is able to get some relief & make our building have a pleasant aroma in the process.