A big marijuana farm

Shortly after college, I found myself pretty much destitute due to a lack of good jobs in my area, so against my better judgment, I decided to take on a roommate. I have never been a fan of having a roommate as I feel there will always be clashes leading to awkwardness and ultimately dislike. I like to keep my friends at arm’s length so I can get as much of my needed alone time as possible. So when my friend Bob moved in I certainly had my reservations, but I needed the extra income to pay rent so there was really no other choice. What a nightmare it has been. Bob doesn’t know the first thing about picking up after himself or how to do the dishes. He is disgusting, and I just keep kicking myself daily for bringing a soon-to-be ex-friend into my home. Probably even worse than his hygiene, however, is his constant marijuana use. He has a medical condition so he is smoking legal medical cannabis, but he smokes it in the house! It’s like he’s never even understood what it means to have a little class. I’ve told him time and again to take his cannabis use outdoors, but he just whimpers about how it’s too cold out there and that he’s sick. Ugh, if I had wanted an emotionally broken roommate I would have gone to the shelter and adopted one. He just stays in his room all day smoking pot and playing video games. Taxpayer money hard at work.

purple haze