A medical decisions

Not too long ago I received a call from a good old buddy I hadn’t talked to in a few years. At first, I was legitimately thrilled. We hadn’t talked for such a long while, as well we had been close since school. However, my pleasure faded quickly when she told me the reason for her call. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The medical professionals weren’t sure about her chances of survival as well as she was beginning chemo as well as radiation treatments that week… I heard all I had to as well as quickly went online to buy a plane ticket. I arrived in her area many weeks later as well as I could tell she was feeling a tad bit off. She looked seriously pale as well as didn’t have the normal drive she once had. Also, her whole place smelled strongly of marijuana. Both recreational as well as medical marijuana are legal in CA, so it wasn’t all that shocking. Of course, coming from the Midwest where not even medical cannabis is legal, it was an experience to grow used to. The medical sativa my dear friend was smoking was helping with her appetite, which in turn helped a lot to keep up her strength. That is crucially important when getting radiation as well as chemo. That stuff will wipe out everything good as well as terrible inside your body. That was quite a few weeks back as well as I’m still here with her to help her get through this. I toil remotely so it seriously is nothing for me to be in another state for a phase of time. I am going to stay with her for as long as she needs me. I might even smoke a little medical marijuana myself along the way.

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