A new physician

I move around with my corporation quite a bit. I’ve spent several years in the southern half of the country. While I resided there, I enjoyed numerous activities such as water skiing, frog gigging, and hanging out with all of my friends. I also spent more than three years hunkered down in the pacific northwest section of the nation. I didn’t have fun with a bunch of outdoor activities, because the weather was drastically frosty. Most weeks during the year were freezing and icy. It was hard enough to stay warm in the household, let alone outside of the house.  After a few years of frosty weather, I was diagnosed with a brutal inflammatory disease. This disease causes me to have a great deal of pain and nausea. When I found out that medical cannabis would help with my awful symptoms, I thought about moving to a different state altogether. I found out that our director had a branch in a legal medical cannabis state. I asked our corporation to move me to this state, after making sure that medical cannabis was in fact legal… As soon as I became a state resident, I filed for a medical cannabis card right away. My nurse had provided me with ample documentation, so the current physician had no concerns with prescribing medical cannabis to help with my awful symptoms. Since I have used medical cannabis, I have found total relief from a multitude of disease symptoms. I couldn’t imagine having to live anywhere that makes this medicine against the law. I hope that every state will eventually see the countless benefits of medical cannabis. It should be legal in all fifty states!

legal marijuana