A prescription card

It’s a little bit amusing how people who are charged with protecting the law are the same people who unknowingly break it by not knowing how to enforce it correctly! Let me attempt to explain. The other afternoon I was with a couple of friends on our way to the park to hang out for the afternoon. There is a beach and water to swim in, trails to walk on, and a host of other things to do in that place. It’s a wonderful time and we were super thrilled to be going on the adventure. Then we all noticed the flashing lights behind us; the police! My pal pulled over and the cop came up and went through the normal routine. Evidently, my pal forgot to use a turn signal. Then the cop stuck her head into the automobile and started sniffing really hard. “I can smell marijuana,” she said with a furrowed brow. My other friend in the back seat spoke up and informed the cop that it was her and it was perfectly legal because she had a prescription for medical marijuana. The cop was looking like my friend just spoke to him in Chinese. The next thing you know, we’re all outside of the automobile while it’s searched by the police K9s. My neighbor showed him the prescription and a card she carried that indicated she was perfectly legal to have medical marijuana, but the cop just didn’t seem to get it! Finally, her sergeant happened to be driving by and pulled up to see what was going on. After explaining the situation to him, she ordered the drug K9 away and let us go free. I sincerely hope she made the other cop learn the law a bit more closely.

barbary coast