Cannabis plant for cancer research

My friend Cathy was diagnosed with cancer in the skin several years ago. She has endured years of chemotherapy, radiation, and relentless motion sickness. Still, Cathy is no quitter. While she’s in remission, all of the medications give her brutal nausea that she has to deal with. Prior to diagnosis, Cathy was always teased for being overweight most of her life. Now on the other side of the spectrum, Cathy has to force-feed herself, and has no appetite at all. Her weight loss has resulted in her needing to gain a few pounds to improve her health. With no real appetite increasing medication on the market, she has been looking into medical marijuana as a possible treatment for both her pain and her lessened appetite. Handfuls of articles about how cannabinoids can help improve the appetite cancer patients have left her motivated to try it. These cannabinoids that come from the Cannabis plant itself serve incredibly well when it comes to raising hunger, even in subjects with no appetite. Medical marijuana has really few side effects, which is lovely news for Cathy since most of her cancer medications have lots of bad side effects. Cannabinoids seem to be a for her! Cathy will try the medical marijuana next month, pending her physician’s approval. She’s pretty sure that anything which might increase her appetite – even if it is cannabinoids – will be okay with her doctor. I hope that medical marijuana will be the answer for poor Cathy, she needs a chance at living a normal life again!

marijuana and cancer