Cannabis products can do a lot for you

One of the most delightful feelings I have throughout the morning is when I step into my home after a long weekday of work, take off my bow tie & coat, & plop down in my recliner. I have a pretty stressful task at a corporate office that is causing horrible anxiety, so when I walk into my home after another nerve wracking day it’s like a giant weight has come off my shoulders, then however, lately, there have been some new things happening in the neighborhood that at first destroyed my downtime, then Marcus, my new neighbor, moved in about a month & a half ago, & because of Marcus, my life is completely different. It all began when I came home 1 morning & noticed marijuana smell as I reached my front door. I looked around, however couldn’t find the weed smoker at that time, so I went in & didn’t think about it. That weekend, I was in my garden when the cannabis stink wafted over, only much stronger this time. I peeked over the fence & saw Marcus smoking a joint. I yelled “hey neighbor” & started talking with him with the intention of getting him to knock off all the weed smoking where I can breathe it in. He told myself and others that it was medical cannabis & that his doctor gave it to him to help with his anxiety. Long story short, I asked my doctor for a prescription for medical marijuana & it has done wonders for my anxiety. I can actually act like a normal person now.

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