Conservative and Pro-Marijuana

I’m a conservative in basically every sense of the word. If you talk to anyone who knows me, they will tell you that I’m politically and fiscally conservative. They will probably also say that I’m a little bit of a prude when it comes to certain things. One thing that totally shocked my friends and family was when I started to campaign for the legalization of marijuana. No one could believe it, but making marijuana legal is one thing that I feel very strongly about. Not only do I think that it should be easily accessible to those who need it for medical purposes, but I also think that the legalization of marijuana would help to end the opioid crisis that our country is currently enduring. I fully believe that doctors should be able to recommend medical cannabis and cannabinoids for a wide range of medical conditions. Marijuana has been proven time and again to be a valid treatment for so many ailments and diseases. Opioid abuse, chronic pain, and certain diseases are easily treatable with cannabis, and cannabis is an all natural substance. I have come down on the completely opposite side of most of my conservative friends on this particular issue. Honestly, I’m trying to change people’s minds and convert them to my way of thinking about marijuana, especially when it comes to medical cannabis and medical marijuana edibles. I’ve seen firsthand how well it works to combat epilepsy, autistic complications, and PTSD. I will never go back to the other side of the fence on this particular subject; I just hope others will start to see the benefits that marijuana can offer to us as a society.