Different oils that come from marijuana

Shortly before College, both of us were destitute over the lack of good jobs that happen to be in our regional area. I thought it would be easy to take a roommate, though I thought this was against better judgement. I have never been a huge fan of keeping a roommate, because these types of clashes are usually awkward. I pretty much enjoy keeping my roommate at a distance, so that I have as much alone time as needed. When my acquaintances moved into the apartment, I had some reservations. Both of us needed extra income for our rent, so both of us didn’t have many choices. It has been a complete nightmare, because the new roommate doesn’t pick up things or even attempt to do the dishes. I continue kicking myself each day, just for bringing someone into the home. Even worse than her terrible body odor, is the consistent marijuana usage. My roommate has a medical condition that allows her a prescription to smoke legal medical cannabis, and she smokes medical cannabis in my house. I tried to talk to her about taking the Cannabis outside, but she constantly complains about the chilly weather. I didn’t realize I was taking on such a broken roommate, but she pretty much spends all day smoking cannabis and playing on her video game system. This is the type of thing that makes me feel very upset, and I’m not sure why I even thought that a roommate would be a good idea for the both of us. It’s clear to see this was a bad idea from the get-go.

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