Don’t ignore the benefits

Everyone in my family was proud when I was recently accepted to go to college for playing soccer. Everyone in my family was equally happy when I was able to play soccer plus earn a 4-year educational degree. It doesn’t seem like everyone of us are learning very much, but we’re having a fun time playing soccer plus going to our classes sporadically. Crazy difference about living near the college, happens to be the fact that this state has legal marijuana use. Most of my friends plus myself are only just 18, which means we can’t get beer legally. When I recently had soccer issues that led to a blown-out knee, the doctor gave me a prescription for CBD ointment. This CBD ointment comes from the marijuana leaves, plus is used for the relief of minor pain. This medical marijuana has no high effect on its user. A friend of mine plus myself were going down to the pub last weekend, when we happen to smell cannabis in the air. Everyone of us love that type of unusual sent, plus marijuana happens to have a lovely odor. Everyone of us know how many benefits there can be to cannabis, so everyone of us wonder why our government kept marijuana from being legal for so many decades. It surely must have been a problem in the government, where big tobacco was giving money to lobbyist + different politicians. Unfortunately, it happens to be an equal problem that is the same today. If you have enough money, you can usually stop anything from happening.