Edibles for me

My husband works in the emergency room in a small town, which feels more like a sitcom than a job to him. He sees a lot of ridiculous stuff every day, but he always has a great story to share because of it. He told me about the other day, when a barely conscious woman was brought into the ER. She showed symptoms of having came out of a seizure, and was very lethargic with little response to anything anyone said to her. Her husband was the one that brought her, and he said that she has been like this for over an hour. My husband asked him the usual medical questions, and the husband eventually fessed up, saying that he and his wife tried “edibles”. Apparently, they made them a little too strong, and the husband didn’t eat his until an hour after his wife ate one. As a result, the husband said he was starting to feel funny himself, and my own husband watched as the man grew increasingly more stoned by the minute. As his wife was practically comatose in the wheelchair the nurses placed her in, the husband slowly sat on the ground, and actually fell asleep sitting down next to her. My husband said he couldn’t help but smile and laugh, as he watched a couple try to reconnect to their wild, younger selves, only to embarrass themselves at the hospital. My husband talked about how frustrating it still was to see this couple at the hospital, as it’s people like that who make people think medical marijuana is just a legal way to do foolish stuff like this.