Effects of regular marijuana

I’ve always had the moral compass of a boy scout. I hardly ever got into any trouble when I was a teenager, I never drank or partied in school, and I never even thought about smoking cigarettes or weed. Most of my friends were doing it every weekend, but I couldn’t do it. I don’t know why I never tried it, either. I just didn’t see those things as being necessary in order to have a wonderful time. Recently though, my brother’s resorted to using medical marijuana in order to help manage back pain. He had to have back surgery last year, and routine painkillers just weren’t doing anything for him. He also had bad side effects resulting from all of the chemicals in the prescription drugs. Initially, I was totally opposed to him using marijuana for any reason at all – even if it was medicinal. He had explained to myself and others in the family that medical marijuana is free of the chemicals that cause people to get high. As a result, the marijuana only helps to relieve pain. It doesn’t push him into drug-induced hazes or body trips or anything like that. I think once I got that through my head, I began to see the medical grade marijuana in a different, considerably more positive light. It makes sense how something natural would be better for you than man-made chemicals in a lab, right? Seeing the difference that it makes in my brother’s pain has made a believer out of me. Still, I don’t see myself ever doing it, but I also don’t have back pain like him.

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