Farming cannabis

One of the most relaxing feelings I have throughout the day is when I step into my cabin after a long day of work, take off my coat and tie, plus plop down in my recliner. I have a pretty horrible job at a huge firm that make me anxious, so when I walk into my cabin after another godawful day at the office I get to relax. Recently, there have been some changes on my street that at first almost ruined my downtime. Peter, my new neighbor, moved in about a month or so ago, plus because of him, my life is better. It all started when I came home and smelled marijuana as I reached my front door. I looked around, but couldn’t find where the smell was coming from so I went in plus forgot about it. That next Sunday, I was in my backyard when the cannabis smell hit my nostrils again, only much stronger this time. I peeked over the fence plus saw Peter smoking a joint. I called out “hey neighbor” plus struck up a conversation with him with the purpose of getting him to stop all the weed smoking where I can smell it. He informed myself and others that it was medical cannabis that he was prescribed help with his anxiety; Long story short, I got my own prescription for medical marijuana plus it has really helped my anxiety. I can actually get through my job without being on the edge of a meltdown every day.