Farming marijuana

All my life I have been a city man. From a young toddler to a grown adult I have lived in all multiple boroughs of the big city & have hardly even left the neighborhood in that time. After all, anything that you could want is available day and night in the city. But lately I’ve had a different craving entirely & I think it is time to step beyond the safe confines of the neighborhood that never sleeps for new thrills. I have never been to a entirely rural area nor have I ever visited a farm, so I want to change those multiple things this year. I have quite a bit of money saved up for an adventure & I am pretty sure I have found a way to feed this craving while having a bit of out of the box laughter. There’s a medical marijuana farm looking for seasonal help way out west & I think I’m going to go farm the place. I’ve been in contact with the manager & he is cool with myself and others joining the team, & even can tell me where to find cheap accommodations. Being a farmhand isn’t going to make me rich, however this isn’t about the cash flow. It’s about doing something completely foreign to my experience. Who knows, maybe I’ll decide I adore being a farmer & stay out there permanently. Medical cannabis just became legal in my area, although I I want to leave the state. I can regularly explore the rural areas of my home state next year.  

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