Freshman Life

Every person that I know recently went to the University campus, because everyone of us learned there was a shocking Revelation. Everyone of us don’t really think about these types of experiences + how unique they will be for University. I have managed to be friends with every person that we see, plus every one of us have gotten exceptionally closed to our University mate. He recently turned 25 years outdated it, plus is now settling into his fifth year of University. He uses a medical prescription for marijuana, Plus smokes that medical marijuana in our dorm room. It happens to be quite bizarre to frequently see people smoking marijuana, because everyone of us currently lived in a location where medical marijuana was not legal at all. There happens to be plus the industry has been growing over time. Everyone of us have been going to college to learn more about the pain management industry, plus how medical marijuana can help those types of people with frequent pain. Every person plus myself are required to have numerous years of experience, before being able to work in a medical marijuana dispensary. They require their budtenders to have knowledge about the many different strains of cannabis that is legal. Nobody seems to bother any of the students who walk around campus with legal cannabis, plus it seems that all of the people are using medical marijuana to help with some type of pain or ailment. There are so many medical uses that medical marijuana will probably be used like Tylenol in the near future.