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I was in graduate school when I was involved in a bad car accident.  I suffered a traumatic brain injury, which led to an extended stay in the hospital.  After I was released, the symptoms lingered. I had a hard time keeping track of time, forgetfulness, anxiety and migraines.  I had frequent nightmares, and also issues with balance.  Not long after that, I was diagnosed with epilepsy, resulting from the trauma, and several types of seizures followed.  Medication was not effective, and due to the nature of the epilepsy, surgery was not viable.  I was prescribed various painkillers, anti-seizure pills along with antidepressants.  The many side effects led to issues with my intestines.  This went on for multiple years, and I became convinced that the medications were causing more harm than good.  I had developed severe anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and Type II diabetes.  I finally decided to try medicinal cannabis, as a last attempt at a solution, and it was a huge change for me. While all the regular options had failed to supply relief, I enjoyed immediate improvement.  After a couple of weeks of smoking medical marijuana, the migraines and seizures nearly completely disappeared.  I was able to quit taking antidepressants and my diabetes medication, and this led to an improvement in my memory.  I then began taking cannabis orally, and it has delivered a medical miracle.  Following so many disappointments, it feels awesome to return to the person I once was.  CBD and THC have helped me with all the different types of seizures, when nothing else was effective.  I am so thrilled to have found the healing powers of medical cannabis, and I plan to share my story with others.  

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