How is there an illegal flower?

I consider myself a generally congenial person. I certainly try not to start fights with people, always look to end them if they do happen, & generally live by the belief that to each their own… That is why my new roommate Sarah is so frustrating. She is always doing things that I can’t just look the other way on! We moved in together several months ago, & it has been pretty much one nightmare after the next. Nothing is ever cleaned, picked up, or even piled in the corner. Every room in the household is a total mess of her clothes & personal items. No matter what I say to her, she doesn’t do anything about it. The latest concern is due to her medical marijuana smoking. She has a prescription card & uses medical marijuana perfectly legally, however she enjoys to smoke in the household with no air flow… Windows are closed, fans are turned off, & vents are closed, all so she can smoke up the whole household. I have yelled until I am totally blue in the face with no effect, & then she has the nerve to tell me to just chill. She even told me that I should consider getting a prescription for medical cannabis to help me relax my nerves. What I feel that I could use is a restraining order that keeps her away from me for the rest of my entire life. I only have a couple of months to go on the lease, & hopefully, I will not suffocate from a lack of oxygen due to her medical cannabis smoke all over the household.