I know marijuana will help my headaches

I reside in a pretty tame suburban housing street where there are particular regulations and rules that all the renters are expected to read up on. Everybody knows enough to keep the noise down past 10 pm, clean up after their cats, have no loud music playing, and no smoking inside the rooms too. These are all rules listed on the paperwork you singed and I have all agreed to follow them. That is why I am so upset with my next door neighbor Paul. Paul lives just right next to me in the hall and lately I have smelled the gross smoke anytime I leave our apartment. It’s not cigarette smoke though, it is marijuana! If this were a few years ago then I would simply call the police and have them take care of the matter, but times have altered and medical cannabis is allowed and readily around to those who need it. Paul is a person who needs to smoke marijuana to help with his eyes so there unquestionably isn’t one thing that I can do. The rental agency told myself that they won’t do anything because he smokes for med reasons; It’s unquestionably upsetting and I don’t know what to do. On one end, I am feeling bad for his condition and want him to get all the help he can, but on the end of it, I am really sickened by the constant odor of marijuana leaking in the hallway. I have spoken with Paul and he assures me that he smokes by the window.

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