I pruned all my plants

Recently I was accepted to the University of Colorado on a full scholarship for football. I am so excited to be able to pursue my dream of playing football for a living while getting an education. Well, the education part might be a little overblown, but it will be nice having a college degree. One of the biggest differences, since I have arrived here, is probably pretty obvious to anyone from my home state of Tennessee. Marijuana is legal here! I am only 18 so I can’t buy any legally yet, but I did go to the doctor for some knee issues last week and he prescribed me some CBD oil to rub into the area. CBD oil is derived from marijuana and is great for relieving pain. It has no THC in it so you can’t get stoned, but in cases like this, you probably aren’t really looking to party. However, the smokable marijuana around here is definitely getting people stoned and is very prevalent in the air. I was walking by a bunch of cafes the other day and the smell of cannabis permeated the air. It was quite pleasant actually. I quite enjoy the scent of marijuana. I really don’t understand how this plant was illegal for so long. Probably some money was changing hands between lobbyists and politicians, but that’s the usual way government works so why would the case of marijuana be any different? The unfortunate thing when people run government is they bring all their qualities with them. But that is a different story.

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