I’m doing my research

Have you ever studied research on medical marijuana before? It is absolutely fascinating stuff. Also the National Institute of Health is currently researching more on the benefits of using pot for patients. It is not just cancer patients that see benefits. More and more health issues are being helped by marijuana, however, the scientists are studying what part of the medical marijuana plant is helping each issue. Then they are trying to target identifiable issues in diseases to see if pot can in fact help. And did you know scientists are currently studying medical marijuana’s effects on HIV and AIDS? Also, the scientists are testing certain chemicals against MS. The scientists are trying to see if they can target a chemical that helps diseases that affect our immune system; how amazing is that? Currently, there are known chemicals in medical marijuana that can help with inflammation, pain, seizures, abuse of substance issues and even mental disorders. Research has already gone pretty far, but currently what the National Institute on Drug Abuse is looking at is long term effects. Also, we want to determine if children and teens can be treated with medical marijuana. Are there going to be awful long term effects from exposing a child to medical marijuana? There is also research going on about expectant mothers using medical marijuana. Can the THC help with the mother’s nausea or will it damage the fetus? Will there be long term effects on the child or will the pot simply help with the mother’s morning sickness? It is all really amazing stuff and it is exciting research for the medical world.

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