I’m feeling so relieved

I’ve been residing by the mountainous region for my entire life. Roughly ten years ago, the state government made medical marijuana legal for all the people to use in the state. A few years after that, the lawmakers decided to make marijuana legal for all people in general. Ever since marijuana was legalized, a lot of things have changed in a positive way around here. First of all, there are marijuana dispensaries around every corner. Within a four block radius of my apartment, I can visit numerous medical marijuana dispensaries! These marijuana stores have numerous types of medical cannabis. Each strain is featured in a jar, and marked with a clear label and THC content. Some of my absolute favorite strains include Blue Dream, Purple Kush, and Jagermeister. All of these strains are wonderful for relieving headaches, back pain, and arthritis pains, however my Dad still hasn’t used marijuana as of yet. He does however rub a liniment on his legs every single night. The liniment contains CBD oil, a derivative from the cannabis plant. My Dad doesn’t enjoy the “high” feeling from smoking or ingesting THC, however the CBD oil has certainly helped his pain levels. The other positive thing about legal marijuana, is all the extra state taxes that are produced. Our government is basically using these extra taxes to repair the roads, supply emergency roadside services, and fund additional state programs. There are quite a few states that offer marijuana as a pain alternative, and if the drug and tobacco companies would quit influencing the lawmakers with bribes, I think cannabis use would be totally legal all over the country. That would be great for a number of people who suffer from various ailments.

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