I’m really glad I have medical marijuana

I was entering my final year of graduate school when I was in a terrible car accident.  I ended up with a traumatic brain injury, and following a long stay in the hospital, the symptoms persisted. I had difficulties keeping track of time, forgetfulness, anxiety and migraines.  I had continuous nightmares, and sometimes, problems with my balance.  Shortly after that, I was diagnosed with epilepsy.  This was also due to the trauma, and multiple types of seizures followed.  Medication was not beneficial, and because of the nature of the epilepsy, surgery was not a possibility.  I was prescribed lots of painkillers, anti-seizure pills and antidepressants.  The many side effects led to issues with my intestines.  This continued  for four years, and I realized that the medications were doing more harm than good.  I had developed extreme anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and Type II diabetes.  I eventually decided to try medicinal cannabis, as my last resort, and everything changed. While all the traditional options had failed to offer sufficient relief, I noticed improvement immediately.  After a couple weeks of smoking medical marijuana, the migraines and seizures nearly disappeared.  I was able to quit taking antidepressants and diabetes medication, and shortly after, my memory was so much better.  I then began taking cannabis orally, and it has been a medical cure.  Following so multiple years of discouraging results, it feels lovely to return to the woman I was before.  CBD and THC helped me end the various types of seizures, when nothing else even came hinted at  being effective.  I am so relieved to have found the healing powers of medical cannabis, and I am now determined to tell my story to others.

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