Magic marijuana

I live in a pretty good suburban home complex where there are particular standards and cautions that all the people are expected to listen to. Every renter knows enough to keep the noise down past the nighttime, pick up after their kids, have no ridiculous things in the rooms, and no smoking when you are in the buildings. These are all rules listed on the lease and the people I was with and I have all agreed to deal with them. That is why I am so upset with my acquaintance Heather, and she lives across the hall from me. I have to say, that lately I have smelled smoke anytime I leave my apartment. It’s not a pipe smoke either, it is marijuana! If this were around 17 years ago after that I would simply call the police and have them take care of the matter, but the days have changed and medical cannabis is permitted with a script and readily available to those who need it. Heather does need to smoke marijuana to help with her epilepsy so there entirely isn’t anything that anyone can do. The rental people told myself and others that they won’t do anything because Heater smokes for medical reasons; It’s entirely aggravating and I don’t think what to do… On 1 end, I am okay with this because of Heather’s  condition and want her to get all the relief possible, but on the other end of it, I am absolutely sickened by the typical smell of marijuana in the hallway. I have spoken with Heater and she assures me that she smokes by the opened window.

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