Marijuana after surgery

I have a friend who broke his arm in three places when he fell off the roof while he was putting new shingles on his house. He ended up having to endure several surgeries on his arm and therefore he was in a great deal of pain most of the time while he was in recovery. The doctor told him that not only did he have to take it easy during his recovery, but that he would probably also have to be on some super extra strength pain medications for months. Well, my friend did not like the sound of that because he does not like taking any kind of medication. He decided to go the medical marijuana route instead in order to manage his pain. I was very interested in finding out exactly how well the marijuana worked for him since I suffer from chronic pain myself. Well, the last time I talked to him, he told me that he’d only taken 3 of the prescription pills that he had received from the doctor because he hated the way they made him feel. He said that when he used the medical marijuana for pain management instead, it gave him absolutely no side effects at all and it seemed to help manage his pain even better than the prescription painkillers did. I’m not sure if he told his doctor about using the medical marijuana, but he never did use up his whole prescription of painkillers. He said that he would probably just end up throwing them away and getting another supply of medical marijuana instead.

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