Marijuana and how it works

Although I was only diagnosed with anxiety fairly recently, I have suffered with it for years.  Despite trying all sorts of medicine and therapies, I have struggled to find an effective treatment for my anxiety.  Friends, family members and even neighbors have recommended various options, but treatments don’t always affect every patient in the same way.  I finally found relief when I discovered medical marijuana, and began using it as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical medicine.   I have what is known as generalized anxiety disorder or GAD.  I suffer from frequent and excessive nervousness throughout the day.  I have a problem controlling worries that arise over the simplest of things and situations.  My symptoms can become so severe that I have difficulty eating, sleeping or even leaving the house.   At the worst of times, I’ve been overcome with sudden panic attacks which lead to a racing heartbeat and hyperventilation.  For a long time, my issues were not taken seriously and I was told that I was simply overreacting to stress.  I was advised to calm down, drink a glass of wine, and get more sleep.  Unfortunately, the severity of my symptoms resulted in weight loss, sleeplessness, upset stomach, and even hair loss.  Medical marijuana has been a miracle cure for me.  It is a natural alternative to anxiety medication which typically come with awful side effects.  I have found relief through a cannabis compound known as CBD.  I don’t get high from CBD, but it offers a number of therapeutic effects.  It is upsetting to me that more people who suffer from anxiety disorders are not made aware of the positive results of medicinal marijuana.  The research into benefits is still in the early stages, but a lot of promise has been seen during studies conducted on lab rats.  

medical marijuana