Medical Marijuana and PTSD

My husband spent about twelve years in the military. He enlisted right after he graduated from high school, and he loved his job. He traveled a lot and he saw all kinds of places all over the world. The military has a lot of perks and bonuses, but as most of us know, it certainly isn’t without risks. Back when my husband was stationed overseas in a volatile part of the Middle East, he saw and did a lot of things that caused him to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly known as PSTD. A lot of times he suffers from sleeplessness and nervousness. He also has lots of panic attacks and lives in a near constant state of anxiety and sometimes even fear. The medications that his VA doctor put him on haven’t been working as well lately, and so I’ve been researching other types of treatment for him. I ran across some very interesting information about medical marijuana that really peaked my interest. Even though my husband has never smoked marijuana or eaten space cakes or anything like that, he isn’t totally opposed to the idea of using marijuana for medicinal purposes. I read that the cannabinoids in marijuana – those are the chemicals that are found in the cannabis plant – have been found to help treat anxiety and fear issues in people who suffer from PTSD. I guess the chemicals in cannabinoids sooth the part of the brain that produces fear and nervousness. My husband is willing to try using cannabinoids from medical marijuana to try and combat his PTSD issues. Honestly, from everything that I’ve read, I’m fairly hopeful that the cannabinoids will make a big difference in his quality of life.    

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