My stomach is hurting

I was in my last year of graduate school when I was in a really bad car accident.  I came out of it with a traumatic brain injury, and after an extended stay in the hospital, the symptoms remained. I had problems with sorting out time, forgetfulness, anxiety and migraines.  I had lots of nightmares, and periodic difficulty with my balance.  Shortly following that, I was diagnosed with epilepsy, from the trauma, and it resulted in several types of seizures.  Medication was not the answer, and because of the nature of the epilepsy, surgery was not a possibility.  I was then prescribed all sorts of painkillers, anti-seizure medication and antidepressants, and the side effects caused difficulties with my intestines.  This continued for many years, and I believed that the medications were doing more harm than good.  I had started having  anxiety, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and Type II diabetes.  I then turned to medicinal cannabis for relief, and everything changed for the better. While all the accepted possibilities had failed to offer relief, I benefited from immediate improvement.  After a couple of weeks of smoking medical marijuana, the migraines and seizures entirely disappeared.  I quit taking antidepressants and diabetes medication, and shortly thereafter, my memory was so much better.  I then decided to take cannabis orally, and it has been a miracle.  After so many years of disappointment and suffering, it feels amazing to become the guy I once was.  CBD and THC combatted all my different types of seizures, when nothing else was at all effective.  I am so grateful to have stumbled upon the healing powers of medical cannabis, and I am now eager to share my story with others.  

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