Pot plants

I reside in a super quiet country style housing complex where there are particular rules and customs that all the renters are expected to listen to. Everybody knows enough to keep the quiet during the nighttime, clean up after their cats, have no super loud and crazy parties, and no smoking inside the dorm areas. These are all rules listed on the lease and all of us have all agreed to do what they say. That is why I am so pissed that with my neighbor Vince, but he lives near me in the hall from me and lately I have smelled pot smoke anytime I leave my apartment. It’s not a nice pot smoke however, it is a skunk marijuana! If this were a decade ago after that all of us would really just call the cops and have them take care of the smell issue, but times have changed and medical cannabis is allowed for people and readily available to those who need it. Vince does need to smoke marijuana to help with his eyesight so there entirely isn’t anything that a person can do. The rental agency informed me that they won’t do anything because he smokes for medical purposes; It’s entirely upsetting and I don’t suppose what to do! On one end of the spectrum, I am feeling bad for his condition and want him to get all the help he can possible, but on the other end of the spectrum, I am absolutely sickened by the constant aroma of pot in the hallway. I have spoken with Vince and he assures me that he smokes by the opened window.