Serious health problems

The other day I faced a rather amusing situation. It actually happened between myself and one of our local law enforcement… I was on my way back to my lake household from my place of work and was admittedly going about 15 MPH over the legal limit. I was zoned out listening to music and didn’t even notice when I went zooming by the speed trap in the median and was taken by surprise when I seen the flashing lights directly behind me. I pulled over and she came up with the “do you know how fast you were going” spiel when she suddenly started sniffing like crazy. She leaned her head in the car. I knew right away what she was up to, so I decided to play along with the situation. I asked if there was a problem and she said my vehicle had a strong smell of marijuana. I agreed with her and just waited. Taken aback she asked if there was marijuana in the vehicle to which I responded that there was. Immediately she wanted me to step out of the vehicle and started radioing for some backup. That’s when I ruined her expected bust simply by letting her know I have a medical marijuana prescription… I have a medical cannabis prescription for some severe health problems, however since the law passed in my state not too long ago, people tend to not recall that medical marijuana is perfectly legal. I showed the cop my prescription card and she simply just scowled. I truly didn’t get out of the speeding ticket, however it was worth it for that little bit of fun.

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