States that are waiting for legalization

My neighbor Diane is such a stoner plus has been forever. She smokes pot every second of every day. I have never seen her not lit since she was 15 years young. I always thought that she would be arrested for rolling dirty or carrying weed over the border. Instead Diane is actually doing very well plus is pumped about the medical marijuana industry taking off. Currently pot is not legalized where we reside. But legalizing grass is coming plus my neighbor is stoked! Diane is not just a stoner who is super into her product, she actually grows her own plants. Her weed plants have to be cleaned more than most produce including tobacco plants. Diane has her own little lake house that she has with a watering system. She has to travel a lot for work, so what my neighbor did is drill holes in the bottom of each of her weed plants. Then she fed a rope through the bottom of each of those plants to attach them together. Then the end of the rope sits in a big pot of water where the rope absorbs the water. The rest of the cord transfers the water  to each of the pot plants without over watering them. Diane also has a special blind system to help out the plant plus allow it to flourish. So when pot becomes legalized, Diane can take her operation plus make some currency from it. She is surprisingly innovative plus motivated when it comes to the product that she grows.

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