The cannabis can help your issues

My father was basically diagnosed with cancer, about several years ago. He is currently in remission, however the fight has been long and strenuous. My father was entirely sick for a long while, before he discovered that he was suffering from lung cancer. When my dad was worked on, my sister and I were just kids. I recall when both of us heard about my dad getting medical cannabis to help get him through the fight. At that time, no one knew all of the effects of medical cannabis. My dad used the medical cannabis to help with his terrible nausea. He was regularly sick from the chemotherapy treatments. The medical cannabis helped to calm my dad’s stomach, and caused him to be hungry. One afternoon after school, my sister came back to the apartment and found my father totally asleep. He had his jar of medical cannabis on the dresser just sitting there. My sister thought it would be fun to try the medical cannabis, and I thought my dad would skin her alive. He was definitely mad for a long while, and punished both of us for being in his room. My sister was affected by the medical cannabis, for practically three hours. That was the last time that my father used cannabis in our household. He basically locked up the jar in the garage, and kept the key on him always. Now that my sister and I are adults, both of us understand the effects that medical cannabis can have. My father doesn’t use the medical cannabis any longer, because he has been in remission for the past three years. With luck and prayer, the cancer will not come back ever again and my father will have a blissful and complete life.

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