The people who like cannabis

When my best friend as well as I were looking at various colleges, we didn’t believe we would get accepted to the same university. We both put our applications into several state universities, as well as a few out of state colleges. When we were both accepted to school, our parents weren’t all that thrilled that it was situated almost a thousand miles away, They weren’t thrilled that our university was situated in a state that has legalized medical marijuana either. Our parents were upset that we would start using medical marijuana as well as forget about school altogether as well as our classes… I must admit, it was bizarre to see people smoking cannabis everywhere we went. Honestly, it was a bit hard to get used to for both of us. When we decided to go to our first fraternity celebration, everyone was using marijuana for recreational purposes. My friend as well as I tried it out, but we didn’t care for the effects that it had on our brain as well as body. I couldn’t recall a single thing from that night, as well as I didn’t have drop of alcohol to drink. The following morning, I woke up in the frat cabin as well as I could basically just smell cannabis everywhere. It had such a foul smell as well as I wanted to throw up. That was the first as well as only time that I have ever tried cannabis. Many of my university friends use cannabis everyday especially medical marijuana for various ailments. I want to keep my mind clear as well as free of debris though. I find it taxing to focus, when my mind is not clear as well as stable. I still have multiple years of university, before I obtain my degree in engineering. I hope I will be able to find a job closer to my household, so I can get out of this wild state.