The skyrise

I have been residing on the outskirts of the city since I moved here about a decade ago & it’s finally time for a change. I just landed a new task on the camera crew for a new series being shot for HBO & it comes with quite a bit of money. I made the decision to treat myself a little & got a nice place in one of the high rises downtown. It’s a bit on the pricey side & I could save a lot more money by not living there, however you only live once & I’ve always desired a place with a great view. I’ve been in the building for just a couple weeks & it is so bizarre living downtown than on the outskirts. The nightlife is totally wild, & then there are the shops & diners to check out as well. Overall, I think I made the right decision by coming down here, & hopefully will be able to parley this camera gig into an even better one further down the road. One incredibly interesting thing about the building I live in is the overwhelming smell. The whole building smells strongly of medical marijuana! There are some people smoking who use the cannabis for medical purposes, but I bet most folks are just sparking for the recreational side of it. It’s all good with me though. I honestly prefer the smell of marijuana & have no concern with someone who smokes it medically or recreationally. This is LA after all, & there are easily far worse things here than someone who enjoys hitting the medicinal ganja here & there.

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