This is a strange concept

All my life I have lived the city way of life. From a young toddler to a grown adult I have lived in all several boroughs of NY and stayed in the city in that time. After all, anything that you could desire can be found anywhere in the city. But over the past few weeks I’ve had a unusual craving absolutely plus I believe I finally have to step beyond the map boundaries of the city that never sleeps for new things to do. I have never been to a really rural section nor have I ever visited a farm, so I want to change those insufficiencies this year. I have a bunch of cash saved up for an adventure plus I believe I have discovered a way to feed this craving while having a bit of fun. There’s a medical marijuana farm wanting to hire seasonal help in CA plus I believe I’m going to go join them. I’ve been in touch with the employer plus he is cool with myself and others getting on board the team, plus even has a couple of leads on cheap accommodations. Being a farmhand isn’t the most lucrative job in the world, but this isn’t about the cash. It’s about exploring something completely foreign to my life so far. Who knows, maybe I’ll fall in adore with working the land plus stay out there permanently. Medical cannabis just became legal in NY State, but I want to explore outside the state. I can always explore the rural areas of NY later on.

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