This is an interesting smell

I was raised in the rural farmlands of the Midwest & by the time I graduated High School, I couldn’t get out of there quick enough. No matter what it would be the same boring routine of getting up, working on the farm, going to school, coming back to our household to labor more on the farm, homework, & then off to bed. It never seemed to change and it was surely a driving force in the height of my distaste for the farm lifestyle & country life. When I was finished with high school, I got myself accepted to a community university near a sizable town just so I could get away from my past life. I was majoring in finance but seriously wanted nothing to do with running numbers for a living, the goal was to start a new life. I ended up getting a condo downtown & was in awe of the yearly routines. One thing that struck me as bizarre at first was the marijuana stink that seemed to spread throughout our entire building. I found out later that the culprit was my old buddy John who had a prescription for medical marijuana! We had smoked cannabis back in high school every now and then, but it was regularly illegal & both of us had to hide our activities. Nowadays people like John can spark up whenever & wherever they wish with no fear of retribution. However, the reason John uses medical cannabis is due to having MS, so the tradeoff isn’t honestly worth it, but at least he is able to get some relief & make our building have a pleasant aroma in the process.