This is better marijuana

I have always lived the town lifestyle. From a young toddler to a grown adult I have lived in all 5 boroughs of New York plus have hardly even left the town in that time. I mean, anything that you could ever need or desire can be found anywhere in the city. But lately I’ve had an odd craving legitimately plus I think I finally have to reach out beyond the safe confines of the town that never sleeps for excitement. I have never spent time in a really rural area nor have I ever visited a farm, so I want to change those aspects of my life this year. I have a bunch of money saved up for an adventure plus I think I the way to feed this craving while having a few laughs. There’s a medical marijuana farm that needs seasonal help in California plus I think I’m going to go join them. I’ve been in contact with the owners and they are cool with myself and others joining the team, and can help me find cheap accommodations. Being a farmhand isn’t the best paying job for sure, but this isn’t about the paycheck. It’s about exploring something completely foreign to our experience, however who knows, maybe I’ll be a great farmer plus stay out there forever. Medical cannabis was just passed in New York State, but I have no interest in staying in the state. I can check out the closer farmland some other time.  

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