This is really no joke

Roughly 6 years ago, farming marijuana became legal in our state! My sibling and I inherited twenty acres of farmland from our father, and we never did anything with it! When we heard about growing legal marijuana, we had a pretty great idea… We pretty much researched all the information, so we would understand exactly how to care for marijuana plants. My sibling and I built a large irrigation system, so all of our plants would be well hydrated. The two of us studied about twenty books on how to grow marijuana in our particular climate conditions… By the time we had our first harvest, there were 3 other marijuana farms in our area. Most of the marijuana that is farmed in our state, is used for medical marijuana treatments. Most of the medical marijuana that is grown on my farm is sold off to independant marijuana dispensaries. The two of us currently grow 6 strains of medical marijuana. We have 2 acres of Afghani Kush, 2 acres of pineapple express, and the rest is Maui Wowie. My sibling and I have managed to turn our farm into a successful marijuana empire. There are always new laws and regulations, so it’s incredibly pressing to keep up with the laws for our business. The two of us just hired quite a few more workers to help cut down and trim the plants. In another 3 weeks, we are going to buy an additional 10 acres of farmland, which is situated on the opposite side of the road. They were used for soybeans not too long in the past, although I believe I can get marijuana to grow on that side of the mountain also.

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