This is such a cool plant

I’ve been around the family farm for the course of my whole life, plus I’m beyond happy to say that we’re finally doing something to make a great deal of money for a change. Ever since I was a young girl our farm has barely made any profit, plus usually did a lot worse than that. The farm has been in the family for well over 100 years, but since corporate  farms started coming in plus buying up everything with government grants, there hasn’t been much room for small farms like ours! However, our luck is finally changing for the better with the legalization of recreational plus medical marijuana in our state. Now we are totally free to grow a sizable money maker crop plus finally make the farm financially sound. It’s not only for monetary reasons that I am thrilled about medical marijuana being legalized, as there are all kinds of positive benefits from this plant for humans plus other mammals as well. There is a substance known as CBD found in marijuana plus the oil extract of that has miraculous pain relieving properties separate from the addictive properties of other painkillers such as opiates. Medical cannabis is also excellent for giving people receiving chemo an appetite to eat. Those drug cocktails may work for getting rid of cancer, but they also wreck havoc on everything else in their path plus usually make patients incredibly nauseous all of the time. From an ethical point of view, I can’t see one reason not to have medical marijuana legal all over the world. It seriously seems rather deranged that it has been illegal for as long as it has. I’m ecstatic to be taking an active career in introducing this plant to our community in a legal way.