Treating my pain

My brother is a roofer by trade as well as he’s entirely good at it. Unfortunately, about a year ago, he fell off a roof in a freak accident. He ended up falling numerous stories down as well as landing in a tree. He’s lucky that it didn’t kill him but he did end up splitting his back in numerous places. He need to have back surgery three times for that injury. Well, ever since then, he has had a lot of lingering pain from the injury and all of the surgeries too. He was on high levels of pain medications for about 4 weeks but he hated taking them. He said that he hated all the side effects the pain drugs were having on him and he was worried he was going to be dependant on them. So he started doing some research into alternative treatments. He learned that some people are using medical marijuana to treat pain from back injuries. At first he was hesitant to start using marijuana in any shape or form. This is because he had consistently been taught by his teachers and parents that weed and other drugs were terrible things. He was told that he should stay far far away from them. But then he saw the benefits to using something natural instead of a pharma chemical to treat his chronic pain. So he purchased some medical marijuana edibles and tried them. He was amazed at how well they worked from the honestly first time he used them in lieu of his pain drugs. Now, he says that he doesn’t have any side effects from the marijuana at all. He tells everyone about the marijuana edibles and even let me try them out the other day!