Tremors and cannabinoids

John is a career musician. He’s very proficient at playing the piano and drums, and he’s been playing for years. For a while, he taught music theory for high school students, hoping to inspire kids to play music. As well, he used to play in the orchestra that our town’s quite proud of. Things seemed to fall apart a couple of years ago though, as John was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, which causes tremors throughout the body. While he’s constantly been a very active guy, Parkinson’s disease was a devastating, career-ending diagnosis for him to receive. Time progressed from there, as did the disease. John was running out of ways to treat the symptoms that he was experiencing, and his motivation to live with Parkinson’s was deteriorating. That was around the time I was reading studied about the applications of medical marijuana, and the way it’s being used to treat certain types of diseases. I was so excited to tell John about it, since the article mentioned how the cannabis-sourced cannabinoids can help to soothe tremors caused by Parkinson’s. The tremors had been bothering John especially now, as his entire arm would have tremors, but I knew that he would be interested in trying cannabinoids. He mentioned once to me and some friends that he’d be willing to try anything to help stop the effects of the disease. I’m anxious about him having Parkinson’s, but I’m pretty excited and eager to see what happens once he starts using the cannabinoid treatment. I hope that he finds relief from the tremors with its use, I really do. With an appointment at his physician’s office early next week, John will learn if he can use this treatment. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him!

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