Try the new OG kush

One of the best times of my day day is when I step into our lake townhome after a long day of work, take off our shoes plus coat, plus plop down on the sofa. I have a pretty horrible job at a SEO firm that is making me a nervous wreck, so when I walk into our lake townhome after another hellish day I feel like a giant weight has come off our shoulders; That being said, lately, there have been some changes on my little street that at first played havoc with our downtime… Kevin, our new neighbor, moved in recently, plus because of Kevin, our life is completely different. It all started when I got home from the office one day plus caught a deep whiff of marijuana as I reached our front door. I looked around, but couldn’t locate the culprit at that time, so I went in plus forgot about it. A few days later, I was in our backyard when the cannabis aroma became evident again, only much stronger this time. I peeked over the fence plus saw Kevin smoking a joint. I yelled “hey neighbor” and intended to ask him to knock off all the weed smoking where I have to smell it. He explained to me that it was medical cannabis plus that he was prescribed it to help with his anxiety. So, I now also have a prescription for medical marijuana plus it has really helped my anxiety. I can easily get through our day separate from almost having a anxious breakout now.