Weed reduces my stress

Last year was a nightmare for me. I’d been dealing with some bad anxiety attacks brought on by various stressors, all of which happened in the same month. I was laid off from my job, my lease ended without renewal for my apartment, and worst of all, my wife told me she wanted a divorce after realizing marriage wasn’t for her. My life had become some sick imitation of every dreary country song you’ve ever heard! I talked to my doctor about the anxiety attacks, which were so bad that I couldn’t even bear the idea of getting out of bed some days. He said that he could prescribe some conventional medications for me, but he was also a rare kind of doctor that believed in the more natural remedies. That’s when my doctor told me how several other patients of his are using medical marijuana to manage their stress levels. Apparently the chemicals in cannabis, which are called cannabinoids, help to regulate the concerned system. Cannabinoids also help to relax your mind by causing the brain to release pleasure hormones. I’d never used marijuana at all before this point, but I knew I’d be willing to give it a shot if it meant reclaiming my life. The doctor reassured me that the medical variant of marijuana has no side effects that make you high. I was happy to hear that, because I wasn’t crazy about the idea of developing a drug habit. After using it for three months, I can genuinely say that the medicinal marijuana was the greatest treatment for my anxiety of anything out there! I felt more at ease with each day of taking it, and more willing to get back on the horse, so to speak.

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