Why edible cannabis works

I remember back when pot in any form was not permitted and it was always that weird mixture of fear and pumped up fun whenever I would score a tote of some green stuff. That was back in our youth and high school afternoons, and since I have gotten rid of the stuff, but those mixed emotions became an ingrained area of my brain that will always be with me. I assume that’s why I was feeling those typical things the other day when a marijuana delivery repair showed up at Emma’s home while I was over hanging out. Emma has epilepsy, and since medical cannabis has become legal in our location she has had a delivery repair bring some gnarly looking OG Kush over to her place. I assume it was kind of weird that a giant rush of panic overtook myself while I was there, considering everything in  my reason was telling myself and others about the transaction, but I just could not get rid of that idea that something dreadful was right around the corner. But, everything was all fine and the marijuana delivery person made the transaction and drove off just as if they were getting rid of a package of clothes. I am ecstatic that this type of thing exists and that medical marijuana is legal for Emma’s sake; She was suffering without it and those pills are not an easily good way to mitigate pain given their possibility of getting people super addicted real fast.

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