You should be excited about medical cannabis

When I started experiencing sharp pain on my side, right under my ribs, I thought it was simply from playing baseball the day before.  After a few long days, when the pain continued, I began to worry that I was suffering from something more serious than a strained muscle.  Just three weeks later, I was diagnosed with cancer.  Over the next few weeks, I was informed that the cancer had made its way to my lymph nodes plus into my stomach lining.  I was given only four to five months left to live.  I was desperate to start radiation or chemotherapy treatments, hoping to improve the grim prognosis.  I was then told that these were not available treatment options, because they would only make me weaker plus more sick. The doctor basically told me to have fun with the rest of my life. With no help coming from my doctors,  I was discouraged plus nearly ready to give up.  Unlike me, my brother did not give up. He researched on the internet plus looked at numerous testimonials from other cancer sufferers who had found relief through cannabis oil.  With no other options, I decided to try this alternative treatment method, plus I started taking a small dose orally multiple times throughout the day.  When the oral dosage made me too tired, I switched to cannabis suppositories, which also allowed me to handle a greater dosage.  I combined the cannabis oil with a healthier diet and even some exercise. To my great shock, within a few months, my lymph nodes had returned to normal size plus the tumor shrunk considerably.  Within a few more months of cannabis oil treatment, I shocked my oncologist by testing cancer-free.